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Capacity Insights

Capacity Insights makes it easy for product teams, portfolio managers, and leadership to quickly gain actionable insights and visibility into how product development efforts are aligned with business objectives, ROI, and team efficiency.

It independently assesses engineering effort spent on initiatives and associated investments with minimal impact on a team’s existing processes. For product and engineering managers, this means easy access to valuable data that provides visibility into project health, and that informs pivot/persist decisions.

Get Started with Capacity Insights

Get Started as an Administrator

As an Administrator or Jira specialist, you are responsible for installing and managing software and apps in your organization’s Jira instances. Before You B...

Get Started as a Manager or Lead

As a Manager or Team Lead, you spend the majority of your week in project management, team management, or department management tasks. Your organization does...

Get Started as an Engineer

You spend the majority of your week coding or performing engineering-related tasks. Your organization wants to understand where you’re spending your time to ...

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